How it works

Global Alert Network alerts are automatically delivered to subscribers via their mobile phone by sending audio alerts that automatically play without the subscriber having to interact, touch or even look at the phone. The Global Alert Network employs proprietary patent pending technology to deliver their hands free alert system for mobile phones.

The application running on the phone keeps track of phone's location, not the Global Alert Network servers. When an alert is created, the alert zone is downloaded to the phone and the phone makes the determination if you are affected by the alert and whether the alert should be played.

The Global Alert Network delivery technology allows for audio alerts to be delivered along with other information such as advertisements, coupons and promotions to the mobile device.

Click here to see traffic alerts in action.

Click here to see weather alerts in action.

Sample Alerts

Audio: GAN Traffic Report 1

Audio: GAN Traffic Report 2

Audio: GAN Weather Alert 1

Audio: GAN Weather Alert 2