The Global Alert Network is intended to be a platform for content providers to broadcast alerts and information to mobile subscribers across all networks and all mobile devices. The company has patents and patent pending technology that provides the ability to deliver location based alerts to mobile phones. The alert is automatically broadcast to the mobile device without the need to for any human intervention. The subscriber does not need to touch, look or interact with the phone to receive the alerts. Once the application is downloaded to the mobile device and activated once, the subscriber will receive the alerts as audio broadcasts that automatically play like a ringtone on the phone.

Global Alert Network, Inc. is part of the Global Traffic Network family. Global Traffic Network is a leading provider of custom traffic reports to radio and television stations. In exchange for providing custom traffic reports to radio and television stations, these stations provide Global Traffic Network commercial airtime inventory that is sold to advertisers. Global Traffic Network currently operates the Australian Traffic Network, the Canadian Traffic Network, the UK Traffic Network and Global Alert Network.

If you have any issue installing or operating the application on your phone, we are here to assist.  support@globalalertnetwork.com


Scott Hughes, President

Scott Hughes is President of Global Alert Network, a national mobile application that provides safe, automatic, hands-free audio alerts to a user’s mobile phone. Mr. Hughes oversees the Company’s technical and business strategy and development of technological solutions to support ongoing operations.  He is also responsible for creating and expanding strategic partnerships that will benefit Global Alert Network’s growing number of subscribers and advertisers.

Prior to joining Global Alert Network, Mr. Hughes was Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder and served on the Board of Directors of SmartVideo Technologies, Inc. (now called uVuMobile), a company engaged in the aggregation and distribution of streaming video content.  Prior to 2008, Mr. Hughes served as its Chief Technology Officer where he was responsible for product design and development of the company’s mobile services, including new video, rich media communications services and supporting architecture.

From 1996 to 2001, Mr. Hughes was the Director of Network and Security Consulting Services at RTP, a Seattle-based consulting group whose clients included Microsoft, Infospace, VoiceStream and Western Wireless.

Mr. Hughes has also held various management and technology positions with Comnet Cellular, BellSouth and Turner Entertainment.


Ivan Shulman, Vice President

Ivan Shulman is currently the Vice President of Global Alert Network, a national mobile application that provides safe, automatic, hands-free audio alerts to a user’s mobile phone. Mr. Shulman is responsible for North American sales, bringing more than 20 years of experience in broadcast sales, management and marketing management to the Company.

Prior to joining Global Alert Network, Mr. Shulman worked with Metro Networks for 13 years, starting in 1987. Mr. Shulman began as a Director of Operations and an On-Air Personality and by the time he left the company, he was the Senior Vice President of Marketing. He helped Metro Networks grow from seven cities to 81 cities during his tenure, exceeded sales and marketing goals and supervised revenue growth from $72 million to $290 million. He helped Metro Networks transition from being a privately held entity to a public company which was later sold to the largest radio network in the United States, Westwood One.

Before working with Metro Networks, Mr. Shulman was the President of Maximum Marketing in Atlanta, where he developed turnkey marketing solutions, including advertising and public relations, for local businesses.

Mr. Shulman also works with Global Traffic Network (NASDAQ: GNET), the Company’s parent, as Senior Vice President and is the President of the Canadian Traffic Network.

Mr. Shulman has a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising from the University of Alabama.