What is Global Alert Network?
Global Alert Network (http://www.globalalertnetwork.com) is the first national mobile automated Alert and Information Application that represents a new paradigm in communication to promote safe, automatic, hands-free audio alerts and information broadcasts to a user’s mobile phone.

The application is available on Android, iPhone and BlackBerry devices and can be, downloaded for free through Android Market, iTunes and BlackBerry AppWorld.

The consumer experience is simple and compelling.  The user downloads the application to his or her mobile phone and creates an account.  After the account is created the application runs in the background and ‘wakes up’ to present alerts and information based upon the preferences of the consumer.  Traffic alerts are presented in relationship to a drivers’ route and location and weather alerts are presented in relationship to location or areas of interest.

Unique to the Global Alert Network application is that consumers do not need to interact with the phone to receive the message since the application automatically broadcasts the alerts.  There are no keys to push, no other applications to launch, and no need to touch the phone at all.  The Global Alert Network uses customers’ geo-targeted phones to ensure high-value, timely, accurate information.  For drivers, the application reduces driver distraction and promotes driver safety.  For consumers who are not driving, the application provides an automatic alert and information service that delivers the right alert at the right time and right place without requiring interaction with the mobile device.

Currently users are able to access traffic conditions, AccuWeather weather and certain emergency alerts such as 911 outages and Amber alert notifications.  Users will soon be able to download other alert services including news, entertainment and sports alerts.  Each user will select the alerts that he or she would like to receive, making it a highly-valuable and personalized experience. This application is completely secure. Global Alert Network does not, and will never, share user data without your consent.  Please visit our privacy policy here.

What is your business model?
This application is free for consumers.  Revenue is generated by selling brief, national brand and localized advertisements to be included in the alert itself.  These ads are targeted and relevant to the user’s location or the preferences that person sets on the application.

This is a unique and effective form of advertising as each alert generates a ‘heard’ receipt so that advertisers know that their advertising or brand message was delivered and heard by the consumer.  This method ensures that 100% of advertisements are both delivered and heard by the app users so that the advertisers only has to pay for delivered and heard advertisements – which is a major advance and improvement over traditional CPC or CPM models  In the mobile world it is a major advancement.

What was the impetus to create Global Alert Network?
The Global Alert Network values driver safety and convenience as well as a simple user experience. The mission of the Company is to provide a safe and engaging mechanism to deliver important information to consumers.  GAN’s benefits go beyond just drivers by providing all users with information that is highly personalized, relevant and geo-located to each person in a hands-free capacity.

How does GAN help drivers?
For drivers, GAN provides safe, hands-free alerts for traffic, weather and certain emergency alerts. No longer do consumers have to physically interact with an application, SMS or MMS in order to obtain key information.

Distracted driving is a serious issue in the U.S. that must be addressed:
• According to recent studies, distracted driving is the number one killer of American teens. Although alcohol-related accidents among teens have dropped, teenage traffic fatalities have remained unchanged because distracted driving is on the rise. (source: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and State Farm Insurance Study and NHTSA Study).
• The Nationwide Mutual Insurance Survey found that more than 80 percent of drivers admit to blatantly hazardous behavior: changing clothes, steering with a foot, painting nails and shaving.
• A University of Utah Study found that drivers on mobile phones are more impaired than drivers at .08 Blood Alcohol Content (BAC).

What makes Global Alert Network unique and different from other mobile applications?

Global Alert Network is the first application that delivers high-value individualized audio alerts to users without being prompted by the subscriber.  This allows for an efficient communication of crucial and relevant information without distracting the driver.

How does it work?

Imagine you are driving to work one morning with your cell phone in the seat next to you. As you are en route, the application, which activates automatically when you are driving and approaching a “traffic incident” area, automatically “wakes up” to tell you that there is a major accident on a nearby intersection. The alert is given to you in enough time that you are able to reroute and get to work on time.

As a major weather event approaches your area, such as a tornado or major storm you mobile phone automatically presents weather alerts and information, acting as a location-based weather radio system.

This will help users safely hear at the right time and right place, the latest weather and traffic updates and allows them to act on that information in order to save time and provide peace of mind.

What types of alerts does Global Alert Network offer?  Will you add more types of alerts and carriers in the future?

Currently, Global Alert Network’s platform offers traffic alerts, weather alerts and certain emergency alerts such as Amber alerts and 911 outages.

Weather and Emergency Alerts:  Global Alert Network has partnered with AccuWeather.com to deliver local weather alerts and certain emergency alerts to subscribers.  AccuWeather.com presents accurate, localized forecasts and severe weather bulletins to over 125 million Americans each day.  With 113 meteorologists on staff, Accuweather.com makes the perfect partner to deliver local weather information.  Additionally, emergency alerts such as Amber alert notifications and 911 outage information are not only relevant, they are potentially lifesaving.

Traffic: Global Alert Network’s partner, Total Traffic Network, delivers real-time traffic data via in-car or portable navigation systems, broadcast media, wireless and Internet-based services. Global Alert Network has partnered with them on a national scale to deliver reliable traffic data to drivers across the country.

Global Alert Network anticipates expanding content to include sports alerts, entertainment alerts and news alerts among others.  Global Alert Network is actively seeking qualified content partners to approve for inclusion into the application content offering.

Will you mine data from users in terms of locations, preferences, etc.?
Absolutely not; Global Alert Network values the privacy of its customers and has an extensive privacy policy that can be found on its website. http://www.globalalertnetwork.com/terms-of-use

More About Global Alert Network:
Global Alert Network, Inc. (GAN) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Global Traffic Network, Inc. (NASDAQ: GNET), a leading provider of custom traffic and news reports to radio and television stations.