Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Global Alert Network (GAN)? 
The Global Alert Network (GAN) is a location aware notification platform, capable of automatically broadcasting audible hands free alerts to mobile devices. The subscriber will receive alerts or information automatically that will play just like a ‘ringtone’ on your device. When you receive a GAN hands free mobile alert, you will not have to touch, look, or interact with the mobile device to hear the alert.
How does the Global Alert Network Application work?
The Global Alert Network Application downloads to your mobile device and runs in the background. Once downloaded and activated the application will automatically receive and play alerts for which you have subscribed, such as Traffic and Weather Alerts.
The subscriber does not have to interact with the phone to receive or hear the alerts they will automatically play on your mobile device.

How do I install GAN on my mobile device?
The application is installed on your mobile device by downloading the GAN application from AppWorld, your application store or from a link on a GAN or partner website. Once downloaded, you will be asked to run the application. After you run the application, you will need to register you device and subscriber account so you can subscribe or unsubscribe to different alert and information services. Once the application is correctly provisioned the system will then send a confirmation alert. The application will continue to run in the background each time you start your mobile device.

How do I receive alerts and information?
As you approach or enter into an alert zone a broadcast will be sent to your mobile device and you will automatically receive the alert or information.  If the alert is a hands free alert, it will play automatically. You can re-play alerts by selecting the ‘replay’ option on your mobile device.
Is the Service or Application complicated?

No. Our platform is simple.  Once downloaded and activated alerts and information will be automatically delivered.  You do not need not to restart the application each time you start the phone. The application runs in the background as a process on your device. You control the types of alerts and information you want to hear as well as where and when you want to hear them.
What types of alerts can I get on GAN?
For information on what types of alerts you can subscribe to on GAN go to You have an option to subscribe or unsubscribe to any alerts or information services you feel would be of value to you by logging on to and selecting ‘My Account’.
What does it cost?
The GAN services are FREE and there is no cost to the consumer. The services are advertising supported. You may incur data charges and text messaging charges through your use of GAN services. We recommend that all subscribers have an adequate data and text messaging plan and monitor such usage regularly.
Can I mute the audible portion of the automatic alerts?

Yes.   You can mute the audible portion of the automatic alerts by going into the application and selecting “Mute Location”.  You will still receive alerts, but you will not hear the audio portion.  You can unmute the audio portion by going back into the application and selecting ‘Unmute Location’.
Is battery life affected?
GAN relies on location services and processes that calculate your location and alert zone on the device. These location services and processes may have an effect on battery life and system performance.  Results may vary depending upon device, operating system, and Carrier.
Will I receive spam alerts or information?

No. You will only receive alerts and information relating to subscribed services. In addition, GAN may occasionally contact you with information on new services and other user communication.
What if my phone is not supported by GAN?

If your phone or mobile device is not currently supported, please let us know so we can alert you by email when your handset is supported.
What about terms of use?
Your use of GAN services are subject to our Terms of Services Agreement which can be found at
What about privacy?

You can view our Privacy Policy at
What if I have a technical issue, need to contact you, or want to provide feedback?
Please feel free to contact us at